Love My Veggies has a clear vision. We work from our mother heart.


Our products are always 100% natural and organic. We use the best possible ingredients and believe that baby nutrition should be free of preservatives.

Nutritional value

Our products always contain fruit and vegetables. We ensure that our ingredients are of biological origin and of high quality. We never add sugars or preservatives.


We are always busy with new products and try to remain innovative. The market is constantly changing and we want to continue surprising our target audience with new, tasty, fun and especially healthy products.


Our mission must be clear to everyone. What you see is what you get. We feel obliged to offer the healthiest possible choice for your kids. After all, your child is your most valuable possession.


How it all started…

After Jorenth was born, Kelly started looking for healthy food for babies. Why was the Netherlands not yet as far away as America? Where there was so much to buy. Every month a shipment was ordered in America to get the healthy food to The Netherlands. When Luuk was born and old enough to start eating, Kim faced the same dilemma. On a Sunday afternoon in the garden we suddenly came up with a very ambitious idea, why do not we “just” start our own brand with healthy snacks for babies and kids. We stepped into a whole new world together and can proudly say that Love My Veggies is now on the market with Ten products. Our products always contains fruit and veggies. Love My Veggies!